Laying the Foundation for Installation
Custom design made simple.

Laying the Foundation for Great Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your space and proper installation by certified professional technicians are the key elements to getting lasting value from your flooring. Come in to Floors and talk to our design staff about your lifestyle, the traffic you will expect on your new flooring or carpet and the look you’re hoping to achieve.Then we can browse the showroom for appropriate products for your needs.  Our design staff will also visit your home or business to ensure that the products we select enhance the look of your space.

Floors With Flair is a full-service installation company, so we can take care of your flooring project from moving the appliances and furniture and removing the existing flooring to installing your baseboards. When we come to your home to measure for your new floors, we will also take note of any special needs your flooring project will entail – and make sure that these are factored into your no-surprises quote. You can then decide if you would like our turnkey service or if you want us to handle only parts of the installation. Please keep in mind that many manufacturers’ warranties are dependent on professional installation of your flooring.

Your Subfloor
Never skimp on the subfloor which will support your new flooring! This is the single most important factor in the comfort and durability of your floor. We will install the substrate that is recommended by the manufacturer to give you the best possible results – and no squeaks, bubbles or bulges! If a moisture barrier is required under your floor, we can take care of that too.

Your flooring should be the last part of your renovation – get your painting or wallpapering projects done first. If you’re installing radiant heating, the time to do it is before the floors are laid. Don’t install the flooring as soon as it’s delivered; let it sit in the room in which it will be installed so the materials acclimate to the surrounding temperature and humidity. This will ensure that once the floor is installed, there won’t be any surprises – except what a difference it makes to your room!

Consider the focal point of your room. We will install the flooring to highlight that area. You may also want to consider the direction in which your floor is laid: laying floors parallel to the length of a long, narrow room might make the room look longer and narrower. An unconventional diagonal layout of flooring might also add interest and give an impression of more space.

When your renovation is done, you will be able to relax and enjoy your new flooring or carpeting more knowing that your floors or carpets were professionally installed by experienced and certified technicians. Call Floors With Flair today!