Making the Most of Your Renovation
Tips & Tricks
Custom design made simple.

Making the Most of Your Renovation

Here are a few simple ideas to help you make the most of your home or office space:

1. Vary your finishes and textures for visual interest and to create a focal point: for instance, if you are installing tile, consider juxtaposing some large format tile or tile with some relief or surface interest to add a subtle variation. Or consider a hardwood border around a carpeted area to define focal points or more intimate spaces within a larger space. Don’t feel constrained to use the same countertop throughout your kitchen – a contrasting countertop on the island, for instance, adds light and interest to your space.

2. Play with light and dark: if your space feels small, use lighter colours in your flooring to make it seem larger.  Or, you can use darker colours on the floor in large, impersonal space to give it a more cosy and intimate ambiance.  

3. Play with light! Don’t forget that lighting also plays an important part in how a space is perceived. Bright, overhead lighting will make a space look larger. Use light to focus attention on special artwork or to define certain groupings of furniture in a multitasking room.

4. Have pets? Think about their comfort on your flooring too! Looped carpets, for instance, are not friendly to pet claws or collars. Consider darker carpet colours to hide pet stains; choose lighter coloured woods to downplay scratches and pet hair. Keep pet claws trimmed if you have hardwood floors! 

5. Vacuuming your hardwood, laminate, ceramic, stone or cork floor? Turn off the beater bar (or use the floors setting) on your vacuum. The beater bar is only for cleaning carpets. 

Don’t forget that you’re never renovating alone when you work with Floors With Flair! Our professional design and installation teams will help you create a unique space& that reflects your style and your lifestyle – and makes the most of your investment in your property.