Caring for Your Carpets & Hardwood Floor
Care & Maintenance
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Caring for Your Carpets & Hardwood Floor

Your hardwood floor is an investment in your property. Here are some tips to preserving the beauty of your hardwood floor:

  • Use only cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not use soap oils - this will damage your finish and penetrate through to the wood.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly to remove sand and grit which act like sandpaper on your floors.
  • Use felt pads or floor protectors under furniture to minimize scratches. Castors will damage your floor.
  • Damages (dents, scratches, stains, etc.) caused by pets are not warrantied.
  • Your floor may not be perfectly level as the subfloor beneath it may have undulations. This is not a defect and part of the character of a hardwood floor.

Humidify Your Home with Drip Humidifiers to Maintain Hardwood Floors

In Calgary's dry climate, it is important to install a humidifier when you install hardwood, laminate or cork flooring. Wood is a natural substance and the living cells in your hardwood react to the amount of moisture in the air, shrinking when the air is dry. This causes gaps to appear between the boards and may cause surface cracks as well.

Manufacturers of hardwood floors recommend that humidity be maintained consistently between 30 and 50%. Allowing humidity to drop below 30% causes the cells in the wood to change; when humidity drops below 20%, cells and fibres begin to break down, causing your hardwood to splinter and crack. When moisture levels in the air fluctuate widely, it causes severe expansion and contraction in wood, causing further damage. Keep the air in your home constantly and consistently humidified to preserve your hardwood floor.

To maintain this consistent humidity and to protect the home from mould and mildew growth, a drip humidifier is considered acceptable. Drum humidifiers, which may be less expensive, require frequent maintenance, represent a mould risk and do not maintain constant humidity.

Selecting the Right Vacuum to Preserve Your Carpet

Regular vacuuming is essential to preserve your carpet's structure and appearance. Dirt and grit not only cause stains and discolourations - they can actually degrade the fibres of the carpet itself. Use a vacuum that allows you to adjust the height, beater bar rotation and fan speed and has large wheels to move easily across the carpet. It is important to be able to adjust the height of vacuum nozzle over the nap of high pile or premium soft carpets - when set too high, it won't get deep-down dirt out of the carpet; when set too low, the powerful suction can damage carpet fibres. Turning off or removing the beater bar when vacuuming these carpets will prevent fuzz from forming on the carpet's surface. For more information on vacuums suited to premium carpets, read this helpful vacuum selection guide from Mohawk or talk to one of Floor With Flair's carpet experts.


Maintaining Your Granite

Granite and other natural stone countertops are the choice of many homeowners for their timeless beauty, ease of maintenance and durability. Many homeowners, longing for the look of sleek stone countertops they’ve seen in magazines, are a little surprised to find small cracks, blemishes or voids in their new countertop – these are natural and add to the character, uniqueness and beauty to the stone.

While stone countertops usually need a minimum of maintenance, they should be properly sealed at installation to keep oils and stains from seeping into the porous stone. We will also advise you at installation when you should consider having the sealant reapplied.

Protect your countertops from stains and scratches. Wipe up spills promptly and don’t leave unwrapped food out on the stone for a long time as their oil will eventually penetrate the sealer and stain the stone. Use a cutting board to keep from scratching your countertops with a sharp knife.