Natural Tile & Stone floors
Tile & Stone
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Tile & Natural Stone Floors: Beauty, Durability and Versatility

The longevity of tile and stone is matched only by their seeming immunity to changes in taste and interior design.

Equally at home in traditional and contemporary settings, these durable materials are now showing their adaptability to rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms. Ease of maintenance and resistance to wear make them the perfect choice for foyers, all-season rooms and high traffic areas. Tile and stone can also be used as dramatic and sophisticated accents to other kinds of flooring, perhaps around a hearth or to border a seating area. Ask our design staff about how to mix and match different tiles or stone to create a unique and distinctive look for your home.

Tile Flooring
Tile floors offer you elegance and ease of maintenance whether you use them throughout a room or strategically as accents or walkways in high traffic areas. Visit Floors With Flair for design tips on decorating walls and floors with tiles. In our showroom, you will see ideas to inspire, surprise and delight you. Our tiles are:

• Easy to clean

• Moisture resistant

• Fire resistant

• Extremely sustainable and durable

• Available in an endless variety of materials, styles, sizes and colours


Stone Flooring

From ancient times, stone has been the building material of choice for buildings great and small. From the formal grace of marble to the contemporary character of slate and all the subtle variations of granite, limestone, travertine and sandstone in between, stone adds a serene ambience to every room that is unmatched by any other material. When you browse the Floors With Flair showroom, you will come to appreciate:


• The uniqueness in each piece of stone

• The timeless elegance that stone imparts

• The variety of sizes and colours available that capture Nature's beauty


Whether you choose tile or stone flooring, professional installation is absolutely essential for lasting beauty. Floors With Flair offers you the benefits of wide selection, knowledgeable design consultations and an experienced installation crew who ensure that you will enjoy your stone flooring for a lifetime!