linoleum floors for home and office
Linoleum & LVT
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Linoleum Flooring for Calgary Homes and Offices

Linoleum flooring has come a long way in recent years. Always an affordable choice, linoleum flooring is no longer a sheet of garishly printed flooring. Modern linoleum flooring is made to resemble natural materials like hardwood or limestone while offering greater resistance to moisture, scratches and dents, all at a significantly lower cost than the real thing.

Consider linoleum flooring as a soft, easy-to-clean, humidity-proof alternative for a playroom, game room or basement rental apartment. Floors With Flair brings you the latest in linoleum flooring including linoleum planks that mimic the look of hardwood and linoleum tiles that can be installed with grout to give you the budget-minded durability of linoleum with the look of natural stone. Choose linoleum flooring for:

• Ease of maintenance
• Water-resistance
• Resistance to wear
• Affordability
• Provides warmth and comfort
• Adds beauty and style
• Many types and colour options to choose from
• Softens slips and falls
• Noise reducer

• If properly maintained you can get 10-30 years of use