Laminate floor showroom
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Calgary Laminate Flooring Showroom

Get the look of hardwood of at half the price! Laminate flooring has come a long way in style. Modern laminates, made of composite wood, bonded together under high temperatures, have come a long way in style and more closely approximate the look of real hardwood.

Floors With Flair offers you top-of-the-line laminates to give your rooms the depth and character of a hardwood floor at a fraction of the cost. Laminate flooring is also more resistant than many hardwood floors to scratches, humidity and traffic. Whether you're decorating on a tight budget, staging your home for resale or upgrading rental property, laminate flooring is a good choice because it is:

• Easily installed
• Easily maintained
• Less allergenic than carpets
• Cost-effective
• Provides warmth and comfort
• Adds beauty and style
• Many types and colour options to choose from
• Softens slips and falls
• Noise reducer

• If properly maintained you can get 10-30 years of use