ecofriendly cork floors
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Ecofriendly Cork Floors Help Calgary Go Green


If you want the soft, cushiony feel of carpet and the ease of maintenance of wood flooring, cork gives you the best of both! Cork has the insulating properties of carpet but is non-allergenic; cork is naturally water-, mold- and mildew-resistant as well. Made from the bark of cork trees which regrow their bark, cork is a renewable and sustainable material and the market for cork flooring is a strong incentive to preserve ancient cork forests. For all these reasons, cork has become an increasingly popular choice for eco-conscious Calgary homeowners.

When you're considering the many options you have for flooring, consider that cork floors:

  • Can last more than 40 years, with appropriate maintenance
  • Insulate against noise and heat loss for warm, quiet rooms
  • Resist cracking and are so resilient that indentations caused by furniture bounce back
  • Are fire-resistant and emit less toxic gases than vinyl flooring when subjected to high temperatures
  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Adds beauty and style
  • Many types and colour options to choose from
  • Softens slips and falls
  • Noise reducer
  • If properly maintained you can get 10-30 years of use Bring the beauty of natural flooring to your home -and lessen your impact on the natural environment outside your home - with cork flooring from Floors With Flair.