Carpet for home or office
Custom design made simple.

Carpet Your Calgary Home or Office in Luxury

The warmth of a carpeted floor is not merely appearance. Carpet is also a proven insulator, preventing heat or cold from transferring through the floor - a real benefit in the extremes of the Calgary climate. Whether constructed of natural or manmade materials, modern carpets can be the focus of your design plan, with colours, patterns and soft textures that are inviting, easy to maintain and gracefully mask dirt or stains.

Is carpet the right choice for your floor? Your carpet from Floors With Flair:
• Provides warmth and comfort
• Adds beauty and style
• Many types and color options to choose from
• Softens slips and falls
• Noise reducer
• If properly maintained you can get 10-30 years of use

Most of our carpets come with a warranty, in which case you should plan on having the carpet professionally steam cleaned every 12-18 months.  Please keep all receipts. Regular vacuuming with a vacuum from this list of warranty-approved vacuums will also keep your carpet looking great for years to come.

Floors With Flair offers you a variety of exceptional carpeting choices which will add elegance, comfort and sophistication to your environment.