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What's Going Down? Get the Latest in Flooring Trends

Floors With Flair is committed to bringing Calgary area homes and businesses the most beautiful and durable flooring products available today. Whether you're looking for a floor to stand up to high traffic or a floor to complement traditional or contemporary style, Floors With Flair has a range of choices to give you the best of aesthetics and function.

Here are some of the newer choices available from Vintage:
  • UV Oil Finished Hardwood: UV oil gives hardwood floors a matte finish, offering a very contemporary look and feel. This synthetic finish is flexible, making it more resistant to     scratches and tends to make the dents and scratches that do occur less visible. It is also easier to repair, when repair is necessary and is, thus, a fine choice for high traffic areas.

  • Wire-Brushed Hardwood: Wire brushing gives hardwood definition and highlights the natural grain and richness of each species of wood. It is also conducive to achieving two-   tone floors, a style that gives any space a very chic, European flair.

  • Hand-Scraped Hardwood: Hand-scraped hardwood has an unmistakable and distinctive Old World feel. Where machine-scraped hardwood has a repetitive pattern, each board of Vintage's hand-scraped hardwood flooring is unique, crafted by hand and stamped on the back by the craftsman.